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Larry Gene Music has been a member of BMI since September 9, 1983. And has numerous registered works, within our categories catalog. We are not music genre specific. But would strongly suggest, a performing rights organization, affiliation.

BMI, pays you performance royalties.

Getting paid. This is what its all about. Blanket music licenses, are what is offered to businesses and organizations that publicly play music. Giving them permission to play 8.5 million musical works Songwriter, composers and pulishers, have great support from BMI.

BMI has the ability to power music establishments, restaurants, live concerts, fitness clubs and other music users with the most popular music in all genres. They also have an enduring commitment to innovation that brings copyright owners and licensees new technologies to manage their music and their music use.

One hundred percent of our catalog, is BMI registered. For futher information on BMI


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